Dr. Gochet's House, 1873 by Paul Cezanne

In 1872 Poul Cezanne moved to Auvers-sur-Oise where he became acquainted with Dr Gachet, who would later look after Van Gogh in the last 70 days of his life. During his time in the rural village Cezanne worked alongside his mentor Pissarro, whose work influenced much of his later style. It is documented that Van Gogh met Cezanne at least once at the art supplies shop owned by Pere Tanguy, who was also one of the few people to deal in Cezanne's work. Cezanne would later refer to Van Gogh's paintings as the 'work of a madman', but Van Gogh admired much of Cezanne's work, and in particular this painting of Dr. Gochet's House. After Van Gogh moved to Auvers and had met Dr Gachet, he wrote to Theo and mentioned this painting and Geraniums and Coreopsis in a Small Delft Vase, and Bouquet in a Small Delft Vase, oll done in 1873, It was Cezanne's synthesis of nature into art, and simplification of the natural form to its basic components, combined with his colours that were of significant influence to Van Gogh's evolving visual language